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Bibliography of the Summer Institute of Linguistics Philippines

1953-2003, 4th ed

This edition of the Bibliography of the Summer Institute of Linguistics Philippines, is primarily a listing of works by SIL members. However, works by Filipinos who have worked closely with SIL are also included as well as works by other non-members of SIL that were published by SIL Philippines, often in the Studies in Philippine Linguistics series–SIPL (now Studies in Philippine Languages and Cultures–SPLC). Listing over 3,300 items in 94 languages, the Bibliography is as complete a listing as possible of SIL Philippines' production up to October 2002.

  1. 1. General (lists works that do not pertain to a specific language)
  2. 2. Philippine General (lists general works about Philippine languages)
  3. 3. Listing of works according to language
The General, Philippines General, and language specific sections all have up to five subsections. (The General and Philippine General sections also include a "Various" section.)
  • Anthropology
  • Linguistics
  • Literacy and Literature Use
  • Translation
  • Working Papers
Also includes:
  • Variant Language Names
  • Variant Author Names
  • Map
  • Index of Authors

2003. 4th ed. xliii, 349pp. ISBN 971-18-0370-4

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