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PJL 34:1 2003

Philippine Journal of Linguistics 34:1 June 2003

Special Issue on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer Institute of Linguistics

Foreword by

Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, i

Articles by

J. Stephen Quakenbush, Philippine linguistics from an SIL perspective: Trends and prospects, 1-27

Scott L. Burton, A case study of lexical borrowing between two language families in the southern Philippines [Sarangani Manobo and Tagakaulo], 29-67

JoAnn Gault, Pronouns in Sama Bangingi' hortatory discourse, 69-92

Janet L. Allen, Operators and clause structure in Kankanaey, 93-105

E. Lou Hohulin, Writing a communicative grammar [Tuwali Ifugao], 107-121

Catherine Young, First language: A foundation for effective basic education, 123-131

Ellen Errington, How much is enough: The question for basic literacy providers, 133-142

Diane E. Dekker, A case study of the First Language Component bridging program in rural Philippines [Lubuagan Kalinga], 143-149

Howard Sheldon and Kay Ringenburg, Measuring language of wider commuication (L2) and local community language (L1) literacy levels in a bilingual community of Indonesia [Bahasa Indonesian and Bahasa Galela], 151-164

2003. 164pp. Linguistic Society of the Philippines. ISSN 0048-3796.

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