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Current Issues in Philippine Linguistics and Anthropology:

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Current Issues in Philippine Linguistics and Anthropology:
Parangal kay Lawrence A. Reid.

Current Issues in Philippine Linguistics and Anthropology: xxxii, pp 435

Edited by Hsiu-chuan Liao and Carl R. Galvez Rubino

This is a Festschrift in honor of Dr. Lawrence A. Reid, Researcher Emeritus, Social Science Research Institute and Department of Linguistics, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, that was launched at the 10th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (10-ICAL), 17-20 January 2006, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines.

  • Robin Hemley — Laurie Reid's Importance to the Tasaday Controversy
Part One: Overview
  • J. Stephen Quakenbush — Philippine Linguistics from an SIL Perspective: Trends and Prospects
Part Two: Social, Cultural, and Historical Aspects of Philippine Languages
  • Robert A. Blust — The Linguistic Macrohistory of the Philippines: Some Speculations
  • John U. Wolff — The Philippine Languages and the Determination of PAN Syllable Structure
  • Ronald S. Himes — The Meso-Cordilleran Group of Philippine Languages
  • Andrew Gonzalez — Contemporary Filipino (Tagalog) and Kapampangan: Two Philippine Languages in Contact
  • Jun Akamine — Whisper of the Palms: Etic and Emic Perspectives in Comparative Linguistics
  • David Zorc — Aklanon tag- and Extra-systemic Linguistic Phenomena
  • Emy M. Pascasio — The Filipino Bilingual from a Sociolinguistic Perspective
Part Three: The Lexicon
  • Jason Lobel — The Angry Register of the Bikol Language of the Philippines
  • Malcolm Mintz — Terms of Religious Adaptation: The Introduction of Christianity to the Bikol Region of the Philippines
  • Leonard E. Newell — Bridging Cultures with a Bilingual Dictionary
  • Yukihiro Yamada — Simile in Itbayat, Philippines
  • James J. Fox — A Comparative Analysis of the Relationship Terminologies of Northern Luzon
  • Tsunekazu Moriguchi — Lexical Variations in the Batanic Language Group: Male and Female Urination
  • Domingo A. Madulid — Problems and Solutions in Documenting Local Plant Names in the Philippines
Part Four: Grammatical Systems
  • Katsura Aoyama — Geminates in Guinaang Bontok: Sonority Hierarchy and Phonetic Realization
  • Videa P. De Guzman — Aspects of Tagalog Compounding
  • Carl Rubino — Utudnon, an Undescribed Language of Leyte
  • Hiroaki Kitano — Ergativity and Equational Structure in Kapampangan
  • Hsiu-chuan Liao — Pronominal Forms in Central Cagayan Agta: Clitics or Agreement Features
  • Sherri Brainard and Ena Vander Molen — Word Order Inverse in Obo Manobo
  • Paz Buenaventura Naylor — On the Stative Predicate: Tagalog "Existentials" Revisited
  • 2005. Manila: LSP & SIL. ISBN: 971-780-022-7

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