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An Annotated Bibliography of Publications using the EMIC/ETIC concept

by Stewart C. Hussey, with W. Kim Colich (1990)

This bibliography is in support of the book, "Emics and Etics: The Insider/Outsider Debate":

Emics and Etics: The Insider/Outsider Debate. Thomas N. Headland, Kenneth L. Pike, Marvin Harris, eds. Frontiers of Anthropology 7. Summer Institute of Linguistics. 1990. 226 pp. ISBN: 0-8039-3739-3 (paper) The writers of the papers contained in this volume explore the usage of, and the confusion surrounding, the terms EMICS and ETICS--terms coined four decades ago by Kenneth L. Pike.

The file EMICETIC.TAB contains bibliographic information that has been placed in a tab delimited text file that can be imported into a variety of applications. If you import into a database file, it is recommended that indexes be created for the AUTHOR field, the DATE field and the DISCIPLINE field.

If you cite this document, the correct citation reference should be as follows:

Hussey, Stewart C., with W. Kim Colich. 1990. "An Annotated Bibliography of Publications using the EMIC/ETIC concept." Dallas, Tex.: SIL International.

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