Ways to Carry

Mitla Ruina Every languages has words for things that are important to the people. Tzeltal, spoken in the State of Chiapas, has twenty-five words for ‘carry’.
carry on one’s back

1. cuch  ‘carry on one’s back’

carry on one’s shoulder

2. q'uech  ‘carry on one’s shoulder’

carry on one’s head

3. pach  ‘carry on one’s head’

carry over one’s shoulder

4. cajnuc'tay  ‘carry over one’s shoulder’

carry under one’s arm

5. lats'  ‘carry under one’s arm’

carry in one’s pocket

6. chup  ‘carry in one’s pocket’

carry in a bundle

7. tom  ‘carry in a bundle’

carry in one’s arms

8. pet  ‘carry in one’s arms’

carry in one’s palm

9. nol  ‘carry in one’s palm’

carry across one’s shoulder

10. jelup'in  ‘carry across one’s shoulder’

carry in one’s fist

11. nop'  ‘carry in one’s fist’

carry on a plate

12. lat'  ‘carry on a plate.’

carry by the corner

13. lip'  ‘carry by the corner’

carry in a bag

14. chuy  ‘carry in a bag’

carry in a spoon

15. lup  ‘carry in a spoon’

carry between one’s teeth

16. cats'  ‘carry between one’s teeth’

carry upright

17. tuch  ‘carry upright’

carry holding up high

18. toy  ‘carry holding up high’

carry dangling from the hand

19. lic  ‘carry dangling from the hand’

carry rolled up (like a map)

20. bal  ‘carry rolled up (like a map)’

carry coiled up (like a rope)

21. ch'et  ‘carry coiled up (like a rope)’

carry by both sides

22. chech  ‘carry by both sides’

carry with tongs

23. lut'  ‘carry with tongs’

carry several things together

24. yom  ‘carry several things together’

carry by the neck

25. pich'  ‘carry by the neck’