Expressions of the Heart

Mitla Ruina

Words for emotions are sometimes expressed by phrases that use the word ‘heart’, such as kind-hearted. Copala Trique, spoken in Oaxaca, expresses many such ideas using a word for ‘inside’. There are perhaps thirty or forty of these phrases in common use. Here are a few:

to be colorful inside  means  to be cheerful

to get hot inside  means  to get angry

to cool off inside  means  to stop being angry


See if you can match the following phrases 
with their correct meanings:

1. To be destroyed inside

a. To be lazy
b. To hold a grudge
c. To be disappointed

2. To get dressed inside

a. To be proud
b. To wake up
c. To be hopeful

3. To reach inside

a. To dare, to be bold
b. To be envious
c. To be undecided

4. To go away inside

a. To be surprised
b. To be double minded
c. To be uncaring

5. To cut off inside

a. To be stubborn
b. To be insensitive
c. To change one’s mind



How did you do? Here are five more:

6. To arrive home inside

a. To be humble
b. To feel one has “made it”
c. To endure

7. To become true inside

a. To be generous
b. To be happy
c. To be convinced

8. To be two inside

a. To be vacillating
b. To be angry
c. To feel dizzy

9. To stop inside

a. To be worried
b. To be disgusted
c. To like

10. To tuck inside

a. To be selfish
b. To realize, catch on
c. To be welcoming