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List of Available Material

The following materials are available in PDF format. They have been formatted for A4 paper and can be downloaded and printed. Note that the files are quite large, so the download could take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet connection (with a 1 Mbps connection, it takes around 5-6 minutes to download a 20 MB file).


Itainly Iraynâ (Before Reading), Pre-reader, 12.0 MB.

Iweniby Modo (Alphabet Book), 4.1 MB.

Kâsenomedâdyly 1 (I Am Learning), 6.5 MB.

Kâsenomedâdyly 2 (I Am Learning), 13.0 MB.

Kytanwem Tâdâsenomedâdo Kâintain-hoem (So That We Can Read Our Language),
Transition Book: from Portuguese to Bakairí, 22.3 MB.


Ânguydo Imeom (The Animals), 3.1 MB.

Ânguydo Imeom Wâgâ Agueim (The Book Written about the Animals), 3.4 MB.

Ârahujidaym Modo, Tale Adakobâdaym Modo Warâ (The Reptiles, the Amphibians and the Stingray), 3.5 MB.

Kanra Modo (The Fishes), 7.0 MB.

Tawâguneim Modo (The Birds), 3.1 MB.

Tawâguneim Modo 2 (The Birds 2), 19.1 MB.

Reading Books

Âsenomedâdaynrim Modo Xunâry Modo (The Students' Stories), 3.3 MB.

Adâitobyry Nhegatuhomobyry (The Adventures of Life), 4.8 MB.

Adâitomobyry Nhegatuhobyry (What They Did), 4.7 MB.

Tâdyâhobyry Modo (The Accidents that Happened), 6.4 MB.

Seko Mugaru Nhemaken-hohobyry (When My Mother Let the Armadillo Escape), 6.4 MB.

Udodo Kâyntadobyry (When I Was Afraid of the Jaguar), 7.6 MB.

Udodo Modo (The Jaguars), 9.7 MB.

Kâsewanihobyry (My Housework Yesterday), 1.7 MB.

Kanra Aweze Tâdâtâhobyry (I Went Fishing Yesterday), 1.7 MB.

Livros de Lendas

Leão, Uguondo Warâ (The Lion and The Man), 1.9 MB.

Megu, Ânguydo Imeom Warâ (The Monkey and the Other Animals), 2.0 MB.

Pyrykâ Xixi Agâ Atobyry (The Partridge and The Sun), 6.3 MB.

Agaityom Modo Saguhobyry Modo Aitobyry (The Events of the Old Generations), 6.4 MB.

Koendâ Mykâinane Saguhoem (Everything Used To Be Good), 5.1 MB.

Saguhoem Xina Unâ Nhengatuyby (Some Stories of Our Ancestors), 6.3 MB.

Saguhoem Xina Unâ Nhengatuyby 2 (Some Stories of Our Ancestors 2), 5.4 MB.

Unâ Egatuhobyry 1 (The Stories that Were Told 1), 7.6 MB.

Unâ Egatuhobyry 2 (The Stories that Were Told 2), 7.1 MB.

Unâ Egatuhobyry 3 (The Stories that Were Told 3), 7.7 MB.

Unâ Egatuhobyry 4 (The Stories that Were Told 4), 7.0 MB.

Unâ Egatuhobyry 5 (The Stories that Were Told 5), 7.4 MB.

Unâ Egatuhobyry 6 (The Stories that Were Told 6), 4.8 MB.

Unâ Egatuhobyry 7 (The Stories that Were Told 7), 2.2 MB.

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