Languages of Togo

Languages by Ethnologue language code

Although Togo is a small country of about 5.5 million people, its inhabitants come from more than 35 distinct language communities. These languages are all listed in Ethnologue: Languages of the World. Most of them belong to the Kwa and Gur language families, which in turn are part of the Niger-Congo family of languages.

  • las [Lama]
  • mfq [Moba]
  • mos [Mòoré]
  • mxl [Gbe, Maxi]
  • nmz [Nawdm]
  • ntr [Delo]
  • soy [Miyobe]
  • tbz [Ditammari]
  • wci [Gbe, Waci]
  • wud [Wudu]
  • xkb [Ede Nago, Manigri-Kambolé]
  • xon [Konkomba]
  • xwl [Gbe, Western Xwla]