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Materials in Special Electronic Formats
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WAV - Windows® wave file format (audio), MP3 - audio encoding format (audio), RM - RealMedia® format (audio)


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Adobe Acrobat PDF format

Many of the publications available on the SIL-Mexico website are in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. This format preserves the original look of the document while allowing you to view or print it on any computer platform by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (version 5.0 or higher). You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website.

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Audio formats (WAV, RM)

Audio recordings are available in several parts of the SIL-Mexico website. The different audio formats available are represented by special icons which precede a description of the recording. So, for example, “WAVRealMedia®cmiique” means that to hear the word “cmiique”, click the icon WAV to hear the recording in Windows WAV format, or click the icon RealMedia® to hear the recording in RealMedia® format. Further details about these formats are below.

WAV Windows® WAV format is built-in to the Windows operating system (95 and later), and if you have Windows or a Macintosh®, the necessary software should already be installed on your computer. (If you need to install it in Windows, check in the Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup tab, and add the Multimedia components.) WAV format generally provides the highest quality recording, but takes longer to download.

RealMedia® RealMedia format is a relatively compact “streaming-media” format which takes less time to transmit and normally begins playing after just a short delay, since the audio is played in real time without first being downloaded to the hard disk. The trade-off is that sometimes the sound quality is not as good, and you need to install extra software on your computer. This software can be downloaded free of charge from the RealNetworks website.

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