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The definitions section is divided into two parts, one more general (still being prepared), the other presenting specific theories which have been developed in French linguistics. For the moment, the theories available on this site are:

The definitions are displayed in parallel English and French versions of articles presenting the concepts and key ideas of each theory. The TOE definition part includes, furthermore, a collection of first-hand quotations (with English translation) elucidating the main concepts of the theory from the writings of its leading exponents.

The main purpose of the Definitions is to provide:

  1. a help for the user to understand the precise meaning of key terms by relating them to their theoretical context and to other related terms.
  2. awareness of potential areas of confusion: e.g., French énoncé gets a different reading in the context of TOE and in the general Definitions section. “False friends” are exposed, such as French attribut vs. English attribute. Terms lacking an equivalent in the other language are explained.
  3. a concise introduction to innovative theories (for the time being AMD and TOE) which in recent years have had a considerable influence on linguistic research and theoretical reflection on human language in the francophone world, written for the glossary by the most outstanding specialists in the field.

The usefulness of this resource can be optimized through a Navigation system which is explained in detail in Help.