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Guidelines for Stage 2 of the Relational approach


  Here are some guidelines to follow in Stage 2 of the Relational approach to language learning:
  • Continue to work on accuracy, as well as fluency.
  • When you use a technique such as the Series technique, use procedures that involve interaction with others and are general enough to be discussed with a variety of people.

    • Preparing food
    • Washing clothes
    • Planting crops
    • Learning a local craft
    • Playing a sport
  • Carry on conversations with people if they are patient enough to make an effort to understand you and to make themselves understood.

  • Participate in activities that give you opportunities to observe and listen while doing things with people.

    • Group work events
    • Community meetings
    • Funerals and weddings
    • Sports
  • Do not rely only on your basic vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical structures to get your message across.
  • Remember that continuing to expand your communicative repertoire will make a difference

    • in the amount of information you can effectively communicate to people, and
    • in how they feel about you and what you say.
Activities and techniques for more personal interaction

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