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Guidelines for Stage 1 of the Structured approach


  Here are some guidelines to follow in Stage 1 of the Structured approach to language learning:
  • Make a detailed plan that includes interim goals.
  • If the language you are learning is related to a language you already know, informal interactions with people will be helpful from the beginning. If not, formal language learning sessions will be more helpful.
  • Work on the building blocks (sounds, grammatical structures, and vocabulary) during your structured time. These will eventually enable you to communicate with people effectively.

  • Remember that time you spend with people (watching, interacting, and forming relationships) is very important towards achieving your ultimate goals.
  • Elicit and learn some Survival Phrases and Power Tools to give you something to say so you can meet and get acquainted with people.
  • Work with a language associate in the following sorts of activities:

  • Understand the principles of this kind of practice, and make up your own variations.
  • Expose yourself to a variety of grammatical structures by consulting a grammar checklist.

  • Use your observational skills to identify communication situations you can expect to experience. Notice nonverbal aspects of communication taking place in these situations.
  • Make notes about what you observe.

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