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The Structured Learner



The Structured Learner needs an organized and systematic approach to learning a language or anything else. Whether you are organizing a program for other people or for yourself, this module can help you better understand how a Structured Learner learns best.


Here are some things usually important to a Structured Learner:

  • A systematic and organized approach to learning
  • A chance to apply concepts in a practical way
  • Accuracy
  • Hands-on activities
  • Practical solutions to problems

Here are some strengths typical of the Structured Learner:

  • Perseverance
  • Good planning
  • Thorough and painstaking
  • Systematic and careful
Potential pitfalls

Here are some potential pitfalls of the Structured Learner:

  • May be more concerned with problems or tasks than with people
  • May be so concerned with accuracy they are inhibited from talking
  • May find learning a language in its natural context too chaotic for personal taste
  • May block out input unable to control, thus making it difficult to catch the gist of a conversation
  • May have more difficulty achieving an authentic pronunciation than some other types
Preferred learning environments

Here are some learning environments the Structured Learner will probably enjoy:

  • A typical classroom setting, with a well-ordered syllabus, clearly presented materials, and clear instructions.
  • Hands-on activities
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Exercises and drills
Difficult Learning Environments

Here are some learning environments the Structured Learner will probably find difficult:

  • Unstructured, disorganized, or chaotic environments
  • Situations with diverse activities and lots of interpersonal interaction
  • Language learning in natural communication settings
Language learning approach

To receive a description of an approach to language learning recommended for this type of learner, see: The Structured approach to language learning.

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