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The Energetic Learner



While the Structured Learner thrives on order and predictability, the Energetic Learner needs freedom. Whether you are organizing a program for other people or for yourself, this module can help you better understand how an Energetic Learner learns best.


Here are some things usually important to an Energetic Learner:

  • Lots of activity
  • A chance to do things with people
  • Variety
  • Adventure and risk
  • Personal involvement in activities
  • Hands-on activities

Here are some strengths typical of the Energetic Learner:

  • Adaptability
  • Willingness to get out into the community and get involved
  • Desire to interact with people
  • Willingness to take risks
Potential pitfalls

Here are some potential pitfalls of the Energetic Learner:

  • May ignore accuracy
  • May act too quickly
  • May be unwilling to take time to plan a program
  • May be satisfied with speaking incorrectly, as long as the message gets across
  • May have gaps in knowledge because of unsystematic language learning
Preferred Learning Environments

Here are some learning environments the Energetic Learner will probably enjoy:

  • Community language setting with opportunity for involvement in their activities
  • Learning activities that can be linked to other enjoyable activities
  • Classroom settings that allow for lots of variety, flexibility, action, groupwork, and field trips
Difficult learning environments

Here are some learning environments the Energetic Learner will probably find difficult:

  • Traditional classroom situations that require spending time alone, doing repetitive exercises, and working with pencil and paper
  • Any program that is rigidly structured and does not allow for variety and spontaneity
  • Possible cultural or psychological barriers to joining in activities with people; as when people are naturally reserved or xenophobic
Language learning approach

To see a description of an approach to language learning recommended for this type of learner, see: The Energetic approach to language learning.

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