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6. Conclusion (Leave me alone!)


Believe me, if you have the right help and encouragement and apply yourself to regular planning, you'll find it isn't as hard as you might think. Once you get good at it, you may never want to do anything else, which would raise other problems. Learning a language is exciting. When you are first exposed to the new language, it is like a movie that is so out of focus that it is a meaningless gray blur. As you keep learning, it is as though someone is turning the lens, and the pictures start to appear and be recognizable, until you are able to follow everything going on in the movie. It really is fun. You just can't do it by yourself. You don't just learn a language. You become part of a human social organism for which the language is the life blood, and then you live as part of that social organism by means of that language.

I've urged that you let a segment of your old community launch you into your new community and become part of the new community in a sane and gentle manner. You are gently pushed and gently pulled, and you do your part as well. There is no such thing as lonely language learning. Language learning starts with community and ends with community. Each language and culture is a marvelous expression of humanity, another facet of the same jewel. It is an awesome privilege to be able to express one's humanity in new ways. Culture travelers, especially long term sojourners who learn new languages, are a privileged lot. If you have the opportunity, make the most of it.

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