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Kick-starting Your Language Learning:
Becoming a basic speaker through fun and games inside a secure nest
by Greg Thomson

© 1993 Greg Thomson. Used by permission.


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This books describes a developmental approach to language learning for beginning language learners developed by Greg Thomson. It describes how a beginning learner can work with a speaker of the target language to learn to understand basic language structures and vocabulary to be ready to become a basic speaker of the language. This information can be helpful to anyone wanting to do self-directed language learning working with a speaker of the target language.

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. What is a beginning language learner trying to do?
1.2. Learning about the language versus learning the language
1.3. You can learn the language in the language before you know the language: an example

Chapter 2. Getting started with your Language Resource Person

2.1. Your very first language session
2.2. After your language session is over
2.3. Some more advanced techniques for increasing your ability to understand the language

Chapter 3. Getting on with talking

3.1. How soon should I start talking?
3.2. General principles in starting to speak the language
3.3. Survival expressions
3.4. Heavy duty two-way communication: a new phase begins

Chapter 4. Ideas for vocabulary and sentence patterns to learn to comprehend in order to become a basic speaker

4.1. Some ideas for vocabulary to learn to understand
4.2. Sentence patterns you need to be able to understand as a basic speaker
4.3. Suggestions for covering a basic range of language functions and communication situations
4.4. Final thoughts regarding using the above suggestions

Chapter 5. Conclusion (Kick-starting your language learning)

5.1. Going on once you're a basic speaker
5.2. Other Resources You Might Want to Consider
5.3. A Final Summary and Overview

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